TajiCo Business Advisors
 Providing Accounting, Human Resources and Security Services to Growing Businesses

Experience, Integrity and Service When It Counts

 As an entrepreneur working to build and grow your business, is there anyone in the company with the experience and skills to provide the business and financial advice you need?

Anyone in the company who has been in the trenches, seen the important issues and successfully dealt with them?

With over 25 years of accounting, operational, HR and Security experience, TajiCo Business Advisors is the resource you need.  An efficiently-priced source of management skill and financial acumen, TajiCo Business Advisors can provide help with Strategy, Tactics, MIS and other issues as well as manage your finance and administrative functions for far less than the cost of a full-time CFO.

 Most importantly, TajiCo Business Advisors gives YOU the time and freedom to grow your business while someone else manages the details and provides the support you need.

Whether you need a Consulting resource, a Part-time or Interim CFO, help with starting a new business, an extra resource for problem solving and projects or someone to mentor and grow an inexperienced staff, TajiCo Financial Services is the answer.

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Business Strategy, Operational Support and Financial Modeling

Accounting, Finance, Administrative and Bookkeeping solutions

IT and Information Systems Design and Management

Audit, Legal and Banking Support


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